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Linda Cobb



400 Hookahi St. Suite E, Wailuku, HI 96793

(808) 870-1066

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About Linda

I am Linda Cobb, Realtor with Maui Realty Connections. I moved to Maui 30 years ago from Gettysburg, PA.  I visited a friend on the neighboring island of Oahu, and after being able to see my toes in the warm, crystal clear, teal blue Pacific Ocean, I was hooked.  I went back to PA and made a life changing decision.  I packed my bags and bought a one-way ticket to Maui.  I met my husband Jason a few years later and together we have 4 boys. I absolutely love waking up to warm, sunny days and being able to walk the beach or jump in the ocean before getting on with my workday.  It is a great healthy lifestyle!  

I have been in the customer service industry in some capacity all my life…Mom, dental hygienist, concierge, paddle board instructor, vacation rental property management and currently full-time realtor.  I like to be the sunshine in the room and put people at ease with a smile.


I am accustomed to lots of energy and personalities from running my family ship.  I am organized, efficient and if I do not know the answer immediately, I soon will.  I am backed by one of the best real estate companies in the nation.

Tap into my years of island living and many connections to assist you in your real estate needs.  My “above and beyond” attitude will serve my clients well, whether buying or selling.  


“We got this!”



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"Linda Cobb was able to assist this Old Warrior in purchasing a new home some 5,000 miles away. Linda was able to communicate and explain all facets of purchasing a new home, from going over in detail all documents and providing knowledgeable answers for all my concerns during the entire process, including Closing concerns... Kudos to Linda...!!!!!"

"Linda was very friendly, easy to talk to, very approachable. She was really laid back and did not make us feel pressured. Incredibly nice! We also liked that she just drove a jeep and not an over the top luxury vehicle. She might have a Tesla at home but she’s not throwing it in my face! "

"Buying real estate out of state during a pandemic can be a daunting task. Linda Cobb made me feel like I was on the island. Her hard work and expertise made this a seamless transaction. She went above and beyond!"

"Linda is very professional and personable. She is very pleasant to work with. We had such a good experience working with her! She is positive, honest, and fun to be around. She really helped reduce the anxiety that comes with selling a home." 


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